How can you help us?

Help us to prevent, raise awareness and accompany survivors of child sexual abuse in order to reduce the rates of abuse and report healing mechanisms for the optimal social development of our communities.

Your contribution can change the lives of thousands of children around the world, families and individuals affected by child sexual abuse.


Share with us your time and talent to support our mission, events, activities and programs to prevent child sexual abuse


Through your donations Walk with Me Foundation offers free prevention and accompaniment programs for survivors of child sexual abuse and anyone interested in learning more about this issue.

Martina's Treasure Box

We support families and survivors of sexual abuse through Martina's treasure box sales.

According to the World Health Organisation worldwide 1 billion children have suffered physical, sexual or psychological violence in the last year.

1 in 2 children ages 2-17 years suffered violence in the last year.

1 in 4 adults were physically abused as children..

12% of children  were physically abused as children..

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