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Walk with me Foundation provides three support programs, educational, psychosocial and spiritual, with the purpose of preventing, training and informing about sexual abuse as well as accompanying survivors of abuse. This work is carried out with the aim of building together a better, safer, more conscious and more beneficial environment for the integral development of children and adolescents. The programmes are developed through virtual or face-to-face sessions and seminars in the United States. Our programmes are totally free, except for a few tools; our objective is to be able to extend these services to those who need them in different parts of the world.


Through virtual workshops and discussions with different professionals, we offer tools for parents, educators, family members and others close to the child in order to generate prevention habits against sexual abuse. One of the ways to overcome ignorance on issues of sexual abuse and to be able to commit ourselves to radically change the statistics is through learning and applying the information acquired.


Walk with Me foundation offer ourselves as intermediaries so that people can share their stories through our blog and our Born Again Wall; we open these spaces because we are aware that not all people want to make their identity public. Through this programme we want to help in the processes of reversing pain and creating alternatives for resilience.


You are not alone, we are here to support you and to be a light in the midst of difficulties, through the love of God we believe that we all have hope for life, Psalm 119:92 "Your word sustains me with joy, I would die of sadness if I did not cling to it". Walk with Me foundation wants to be part of all the important areas of the integral development of the human being and we believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, that is why we invite the community through this programme to strengthen a personal relationship with Him.

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