Workshops and Resources

Through virtual workshops and discussions with different professionals, we offer tools for parents, educators, family members and others close to the child in order to generate prevention habits against sexual abuse. One of the ways to overcome ignorance on issues of sexual abuse and to be able to commit ourselves to radically change the statistics is through learning and applying the information acquired.

Workshop 1
Child Sexual Abuse

What is child sexual abuse, global statistics and types of abuse.

Workshop 2
Myths and Realities

How to change, break the social, cultural, religious and economic stereotypes related to child sexual abuse.

Workshop 3
Recognizing Child Sexual Abuse

How to recognize child sexual abuse including (risk factors, characteristics and profile of the abuser, signs and symptoms and tools for action)

Workshop 4
Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Prevention of child sexual abuse, Communication tools, Habit building, Creating support networks, how to work with children.